Tar and Shingle roadways

Tar and Shingle roadways Tar and Shingle roadways

Tar and Shingle roadways

Tar and shingle roadways are an aesthetically pleasing, less expensive alternative to other roadway surface finishes.

For an impressive, hard-wearing and natural finish, tar and shingle roadways are a popular alternative to tarmac or block paving. Laid on an existing, concrete or tarmac base, your chosen shingle finish is initially applied and press rollered on to a bitumen tar surface.

The shingle comes in various sizes and colours to suit all types of properties.

Our clients include:

  • Commercial property owners and managers
  • Home builders (both national and local)
  • Civil engineering contractors
  • Facilities management contractors
  • Private individuals
  • Estate and land agents
  • Schools, Universities and Colleges
  • Building contractors
  • Ground workers
  • Utility contractors

Full Tar and Shingle surfacing services

TTS Surfacing Ltd can provide a full Tar and Shingle package from excavation, preparation, edging to a finish you expect from your experienced surfacing contractor.

Work undertaken

We specialise in road surfacing for the following:

  • Highways (new projects & projects under development)
  • Public highways (maintenance / improvement)
  • Commercial business premises
  • Car parks (commercial & residential)
  • Agricultural roads & premises
  • School playgrounds
  • Footpaths
  • Trench reinstatement
  • Road plaining

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Tar & Shingle Driveway in Ockham

Projects Completed

Tar & Shingle Roadway, Surrey

Here is a recent Tar & Shingle Roadway installation for a customer in Ockham, Surrey.

For more information on our Tar & Shingle Roadways or driveways, please click here. Or for more examples of our driveway work visit our domestic case studies page.

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