Tarmac Carpark in Surbiton, Surrey

Project Info

TTS Surfacing Limited resurfaced and line marked a carpark in Surbiton, Surrey.


Total area = 363m²

Dig out carpark extension equalling 200m² to a depth of 230mm and muck away.
Supply and lay 150mm of type 1 crushed concrete to extension area and consolidate.
Supply and lay 50mm of 20mm base course macadam to the extension area.
Supply and lay 78 linear meters of standard concrete edgings.
Supply and fit a new soak away using concrete rings with a 2m diameter, complete with gully.
Supply and spray tac coat emulsion to adhere the new surface to the old.
Supply and lay 40mm of 6mm SMA wearing course macadam to include any regulating.


Line marking

Supply and apply Thermoplastic line marking to Tarmac, in one visit during the week, as specified:
Mark out 12no. car parking bays in white 100mm.
Mark out 300mm Characters in white Numbering to bays “1 to 12”.


TTS Surfacing Limited resurfaced a carpark in Surbiton, Surrey. Parking bays were lined and finished with numbers.

Private client
17th May 2022
Surbiton, Surrey
Car Parks, Line Marking, Residential case studies, Tarmac Roadways