Driveway Lighting – Illuminate your driveway with LED driveway lighting

Driveway Lighting – Illuminate your driveway with LED driveway lighting

When you are designing your perfect driveway it’s a good idea to give thought to those finishing touches that can enhance the overall finish of your project.

Driveway lighting is just one of a number of driveway enhancement products that we shall be reviewing over the coming weeks. LED driveway lighting is a functional and decorative addition to your driveway that not only provides an enviable finishing touch but can also be a useful security feature too.  In recent years the cost of driveway lighting has reduced significantly so now you too can benefit from this ever popular modern / contemporary product.

Tim Todd Surfacing recommend Marshalls Drivelight 24 which offer the following features:

  • Low voltage & low current
  • High and reliable brightness
  • Long lasting – up to 10 years constant light
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Controllable colour changing – to suit your mood
  • Weather proof
  • Low maintenance
  • Very easy to install
  • PIR sensor and remote control also available

Drivelight 24 LED lighting has been designed to be installed whilst your driveway project is being constructed and unlike 240v lighting systems Drivelight 24 can be installed without the need for qualified electrical contractors, thus reducing the cost yet again.

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