Surrey driveways – Do you require planning permission?

Surrey driveways – Do you require planning permission?

This article is a simple guide as to whether you will require planning permission for your new driveway project.

Taking the decision to transform your front garden into a suitable parking area potentially has environmental consequences. Periods of heavy rainfall and even prolonged periods of snow and ice can cause the ground and subsequently your drainage system to become dangerously overloaded which in turn can cause serious flooding.

The UK government has recently made changes to legislation to make us all aware of the importance of creating sustainable driveway solutions.

For you (the consumer) and us (the contractor) it is important to design a driveway solution within the guidelines of this legislation and that need not be a complicated or drawn out process.

Its really just a case of deciding how to manage the rainwater that falls onto your driveway, its as simple as that!

For this we have x3 options that can be used to ensure your driveway project falls within the government’s legislation.

Option 1 – No planning permission required and is still within the governments guidelines

We can redirect rainwater to another part of the garden, for example, a flower bed. This may entail driveway channels or the use of linear drainage. It could also be necessary to install a soakaway, which is buried underground. The size of the soakaway will depend upon the size of your driveway project.

Option 2 – Again no planning permission is required

By using permeable paving products which allow rainwater to drain / filter through into the ground beneath. Careful consideration of the materials used in the sub base (usually crushed stone) which would allow the rainwater to seep between your chosen paving product and into the ground.

Option 3 – Planning permission is required

This option is of course the least sustainable (hence the planning permission) as no provision for rainwater is made and will allow rainwater to build up with possible flooding. Using a non-permeable paving solution can help in this instance.

Whichever option you decide upon we can help you with safe, sound, professional advice. Please don’t hesitate to call us on 01932 590444 for more information.

Please note: “It is our advice that you check with your local council or planning office as to whether planning permission is required in your area”.